Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mario Tricoci Fashion Show

Hey guys!
Tonight I was at one of the shows in Chicago's fashion week, Mario Tricoci and Vitamin water's Fashion takes Flight.  The shows is also a modeling contest.  At the end of the night Mario Tricoci chose the winning model.  I went to the show with my friend Grace, her sister Sophia, and Sophia's friend Sam.  The designers/brands in the show were Imaginary People, C.Dahlstedt, J Cheikh, Shelby Steiner, and AZZA.  I was lucky enough go back stage before the show.  It was lots of fun seeing the models have their hair done.  I got to meet and talk to many of the designers afterwards, and I got a picture with the amazing designer of AZZA.  I also meet the winner of last year's modeling contest, Juni.  In the pictures I am wearing a skirt I made, and Sophia is wearing a black Topshop romper.  Enjoy!
XOXO Maria Delassandra

With the models

Last year's winner Joni

AZZA's designer 

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