Thursday, February 14, 2013

Class At Parsons

Last summer I took a pre college class at Parsons.  I learned a lot from the class and it was a great experience!  In the last two weeks of the class each student designed a small collection and made garments from it.  The inspiration for my collection was figure skating and dancing.  I have been figure skating my whole life, and I wanted to put two things I love together, skating and fashion.  I tried to bring the gracefulness of skating to the collection by choosing pastel fabrics.  Below is the final collection, the garments I made from the collection, fabric swatches for the collection, and sketches from the process of designing the collection.
XOXO Maria Delassandra

Final Collection


Dress in Figure 5 of the final collection

Jacket in in the last figure of the final collection

Fabric Swatches

The design process

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fall 2013 Ready-To-Wear

Hi everyone!
Right now in New York the 2013 Fall Ready-To-Wear fashion shows are going on.  I have been watching many of them online.  I have also been looking at pictures of the shows on  So far I have noticed dark, neutral, bright red colors will be in style.  There are lots of skirts that end right below the knee, and lots of patterned fabrics.  Here are some of my favorit shows!  I will post more soon!
XOXO Maria Delassandra

3.1 Philip Lim

 Anna Sui

 Catherine Malandrino