Thursday, February 14, 2013

Class At Parsons

Last summer I took a pre college class at Parsons.  I learned a lot from the class and it was a great experience!  In the last two weeks of the class each student designed a small collection and made garments from it.  The inspiration for my collection was figure skating and dancing.  I have been figure skating my whole life, and I wanted to put two things I love together, skating and fashion.  I tried to bring the gracefulness of skating to the collection by choosing pastel fabrics.  Below is the final collection, the garments I made from the collection, fabric swatches for the collection, and sketches from the process of designing the collection.
XOXO Maria Delassandra

Final Collection


Dress in Figure 5 of the final collection

Jacket in in the last figure of the final collection

Fabric Swatches

The design process

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